One Family’s Commitment Since 1868.

In 1868 the Freeny family settled in Blue County, Indian Territory and began Stuart Ranch.  The ranch has evolved today into a multi-faceted, award-winning operation and is recognized as Oklahoma’s oldest ranch under continuous family ownership.

For seven generations and counting, the Freeny, Stuart, Forst family and Seven S brand have been dedicated stewards of the land, raising livestock, and serving the community in a commitment of excellence. Thanks to recent technological advances like online shops and social media, our “community” bounds are no longer dependent on the county lines.

We are proudly Oklahoman.

Our Four Divisions include:

  • Seven S Quarter Horses breeding, training, and showing
  • Stuart Ranch Outfitters
    full-service guided
    hunting experience
  • Seven S Cattle
    quality cattle works
  • Stuart Ranch Meat Co.
    premium beef from our
    family to yours

The Meat Company was officially launched in 2019 with a small selection of products in limited quantities. Today we have a large selection available of frozen beef cuts, as well as jerky and beef sticks.

Providing safe, reliable, delicious beef directly from our ranch to the consumer’s plate has been and will continue to be a rewarding experience.  Our priorities are the care of the land and its resources on which the cattle graze as well as the health and well-being of the cattle.  Our commitment is to excellence and being the best we can be as stewards of God’s creation.  

Black Baldies, Herefords and Corriente cows graze the native grass pastures of the Stuart Ranch.  Moderate frames, efficient cows are built on genetics from select family operations…Topp Herefords, B3R Angus and Gardiner Angus.  The calves are grazed on the ranch until they head to the feedlot to be finished on grain.

Stuart Ranch beef is processed at a local family-owned, state-inspected facility, so you can rest easy knowing that providing you with quality and care is our priority from start to finish. 

In our 154-year ranching history, we’ve seen it proven day after day: when we take care of our land and cattle, our land and cattle take care of us in return. Today, we’re honored to share that same care and deliver fresh, local, and lean beef from our family to yours. 

Learn more about our family’s history here

From Our Family to Yours


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Terry Stuart Forst


Clay Forst